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Here are all my professional projects.


I am the lead developer on a web application for care company Outcare.

The challenge of building, managing and releasing a web application on your own.

Outcare is a very interesting project for me. Lee and I have known each other for a while and I originally approached him about making a website for his business, Outcare. After bouncing ideas back and forward, I suggested we make a full web application which will manage the brokerage. It will allow clients to find carers, manage their budgets, and more features that we will add in the future. Carers will benefit from this too as it allows them to get paid quicker. Admins can do their jobs so much easier on an application that is concise, modern, and intuitive.

While this project is in the very early stages, the plan is for a central API to serve all of the data and the different frontend services. I'm in the process of learning React.JS which will be used for the majority of the UIs. I am also contacting many people to make sure I build the most accessible UI so that everyone can use it.

Watch this space for more information on Outcare.


All your socials in one window.

Creating a desktop application using web technologies..

A while ago, I discovered a technology called Electron. I was fascinated as I had always wanted to make beautiful desktop applications. Most graphical user interface toolkits were difficult to learn and very tedious. Not to mention they use the default themes. I began trying to teach myself Electron but I struggled as I didn't have much knowledge of NodeJS and JavaScript at the time.

There is an app on the Windows Store called ChatDock. I saw it in an advert and I have loved using it as it is just concise and works for the purpose. However, I have had a few problems with it. The application was very slow and took up nearly a gigabyte of RAM while running. Also, the app felt quite jittery and the user interface felt quite slow. Another reason was that WhatsApp began to stop functioning as the browser the developers have used wasn't up to date. I wanted to fix these but the application didn't appear to be open source. I then took it upon myself to create this app myself.

The initial premise of the app is quite simple; get loads of web browser views and give each one a link to the social media. In Electron there are a few ways to do this. I initially tried using a BrowserView in the backend main process but that just seemed to be complicated. I then discovered the WebView tag which you can use as a standard HTML tag. Even though Electron doesn't recommend using them at the moment due to them updating the architecture around them, I thought it would still be suitable for this project.

After adding a few buttons, a setup menu, and a settings menu, the application was ready and I began building it using electron-builder for all platforms. This was version 0.5.

After this build, I began rewriting the JavaScript code to be more efficient and to improve the overall experience of the application.

Watch this space for more information.

Check out the website for Socially here. The project is also open source and the code is available on here here.